10 Hours Later...


Following the 10 hour long trip to Minnesota, we finally made it to the hotel.

We were loading up the vans at 5:45 this morning and made our way to the Amana Colonies in Iowa for breakfast. There was more food than anyone could eat, but they wouldn't let us have more than one glass of orange juice. Sad day. After breakfast, we visited the Amana Woolen Mill where the mill was working and there were a plethora of stellar items, including a $249.99 wool formal dress.

Finally, we left Amana and drove north once again for a few hours until reaching a gas station and a Wendy's where we had Frosty's and 5 Hour Energy Drinks.

Currently, my roommates and I are watching Brain Surge on Nickelodeon, eating Cherry Sours and Beef Jerky, and checking out the thermostat in our room.

Tonight, we are attending an alumni reception in town. More on that later.

Posted at 4:04 PM by Sam Kheim