Art is a Question Mark.


What a spectacular couple of days i have had. Aside from a few bumps in the road, this trip has gone very well. Before taking this course i was simply a, "Theatre student". However given my recent exposure to the vast types of Theatre and its various theories i feel as though i have a new respect for it. Upon arriving in Minneapolis, after a short lay over in our hotel room, we went to an Alumni Banquet where I met people of Culver's past. As a junior i find it was a nice exposure on how to become an active alumni. I think that my favorite show thus far is, "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?" It is a complete mind game, not only between the main characters but the actors and the audience. My Favorite character was Stephen Yoakam who played George. I feel he brought so much depth to his character, keeping me on the edge of my seat the entire time. There were times were i would find myself just wanting to sit down with his character just to see what made him tick. It is currently one of our final nights of our trip and i feel as though the exposure i have gained to the world of Theatre is something that i will never forget or be able to replicate in my life time. All i can do is hope that such an opportunity could be offered to my children. Someone once smart than i once said, "Art is a question mark, it is never the answer." I find that this trip has been a verification of that statement. The actors and the director give the audience a picture to look at, how that picture is interpreted is entirely up to the individual. I feel as though this trip has given me the opportunity expand, not only my theatrical sense, but my mind in general and for that I am for ever great full. We all have the tools before us to learn, we just need to acknowledge their existence. -Patrick Parsons

Posted at 12:10 AM by Patrick Carlen-Parsons