10 Shows in 5 Days? SURE!


The Applied Theatre Theories trip to the Twin Cities started off bright and early on Tuesday morning. The 8 hour trip seemed to pass quickly as I anticipated the exciting theatrical experiences that awaited me. We were able to meet some very friendly C-SC alumni who opened their homes and provided us a delicious meal and great company.

The next day started us on a whirlwind of theatre. It started with a toud of the famous Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. The Guthrie was unlike any theatre I had ever seen and the tour only added to my excitement of touring the "theatre scene" in the twin cities. I also got a free Guthrie button, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Then, after a delicious pizza lunch, we started our experience of a wide array of shows, genres, and venues. We started with How to Speak Minnesotan, a fun musical that tickled the funny bone. Later that evening, things got dramatic as we watched a Jewish Theatre production of Women's Minyan. This was one of my favorite shows, so far, and really pulled on my heart strings.

The next day we went downtown in St. Paul for the Queens of Burlesque at the History Theatre. The acting was very impressive and gave the day a great start. Later that night we watched Dead Man's Cell Phone at the Park Square Theatre. After the show we were able to have a special talk back session with the cast just for C-SC students. It was exciting to be able to ask questions to some very accomplished actors. We also got a tour.

The next day started with a show for children called Click, Clack, Moo, which was very enjoyable. Later that evening, after some more fun at the Mall of America, we watched Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf, where we whitnessed more impressive acting.

Today we started with a workshop on M. Butterfly, which we were saw later in the day and we read for class. The workshop was interesting to see the development of a very large scale production at a famous theatre. The show itself was one of the most impressive productions I had ever seen with the technical things that happened, such as elevator raised and lowered scenery. Later in the evening we attended a community theatre for The King and I, which was my first time seeing the classic musical.

I am definitely looking forward to shows 9 and 10 tomorrow!

Posted at 12:09 AM by Travis Dahlhauser