Theatre Trip to the Twin Cities


On our trip we have done many things, I feel like we have went non stop. We first went to an alumini dinner which was neat to hear stories from culver from their generation. We then went onto our quest to see 10 plays in 5 days.

We have now just finished our eight one, "The King and I", which was one of my favorites. I loved the costumes and the beautiful singing. My favorite charactor was Tuptim played by Isabella Dawis. She had the best voice I have ever heard, it made me get goosebumps.

I loved my experiences at the Gutherie Theatre; we took a tour, a "How They Do It" Presentation, and the play "M. Butterfly". My favorite was the "How They Do It" Presentation, we actually got to talk to the lead character who plays song.

I think the one play that impressed me the most so far is "Women's Minyan". We were so close a personal with the stage and Adina Sheinhoff who was played by Bethany Ford. Her character was great and really made me feel for her.

I have truely loved the trip so far, I cannot forget to mention my fun at the Mall of America. I got to go shoping and experience Nicklodeon Universe which was a blast. I feel as if I have had so many experience that I will never forget.

Posted at 11:03 PM by Brittany Brummer