Two More Shows To Go!


Hello everyone!

Well there are two more shows to go and i am kinda excited for them. we have already seen "How to Talk Minnesotan, The Musical", "Women's Minyan", "Queens of Burlesque", "Dead Man's Cell Phone", "Click Clack Moo", "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", "M. Butterfly", and "King and I". The next two we are seeing are "Relevantly Speaking", " Two Old Black Guys Just Sitting Around Talking".

Well everything this week has been exciting and so fun. I have loved this trip a lot! "Women's Minyan" was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time and I was very happy to have had the chance to see it. The show was very sad and was connected to Jewish customs and abusive relastionships. It was a sad and touching show i really felt like i had been pulled into it and that i could really feel the pain that those women felt. It was a show i enjoyed greatly.
I also enjoyed "Dead Man's Cell Phone". The show are reallt funny to me. Just the thought that some one could happen upon a dead man and pick up his cell phone that could lead them such a ride on there life is absoulty amazing. I dont think that I whould be the one who would do a thing like that but one can never know.
"Queens of Burlesque" was a show about these four women who were a type of stripper in the early 50's and they were going out of stlye because men were looking for some one who would take of all of their clothes and show everything. The queens would never show their entire body the always kept pastys on and underware. These women were good and the art of teasing a man becasue that was their lifes work.
One show that i didnt enjoy to begin with was "M. Butterfly" it started out slow but it got better as the play went on. The set design was a bit much but in the end it was a good show. one thing was i had already read the cript so i knew it was goning to happen but it was still a shock when one of the main male characters striped him self down to the nude.
This week has ben fun and i hope to have more times like these right now!

Posted at 11:26 PM by Krystyn Sarten